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The People

Republic Polytechnic's FASHION FUTUROLOGIST: Le Futurism Team members: Amin,Luke,Fadyle,Leon & Raihanah.

Voice Out


layout: Sheryl
Show time!
love, Luke

OUR FASHION SHOW WENT SMOOTHLY YESTERDAY! WOHOOO. good job guys! All our hard work and dreams came to life! Since the show is done, please don't dump your garments just yet. Keep it clean and intact just in case we need to put up on mannequins to further exhibit them.Meet up soon for the 2000 report!


Fashion Show!!

love, Luke

Makeup Concepts!
Have a look at these images. I've search after gathering the makeup you want for the shoot & fashion show. From top to bottom: Luke, Rai, Amin, Fad & Lionn.

love, Luke

What's Left To Be Done!
Hey designers, hope that we all are working on our garments! Remember to get it done by 30 June!

As For Now, this are the list of what's left to be done for our team til the fashion show itself.
  1. Garments
  2. Stage (pending)
  3. Lightings
  4. Portfolio
  5. Photoshoots
  6. Rehearsals
  7. Advertising Poster
  8. Documentation and CD
  9. 2000 word report

And mostly what's important is the script for the host! We need to meet up to prepare the speech for the host. So please do research and prepare your explanation about your costume for the host to say. We should meet up and discuss about this. Most Prolly next Monday. K guys? Happy constructing!

Love, Amin

Hey, I hope that your garments are halfway done or almost done! Do remember to take some pictures for documentation while you are sewing!Do research on your fabrics use and if there is time,do try to come out with illustrations of the sketches like what Chuan had mentioned.Hope to see you people soon with your finished garments!


Killer Futurism
Hey guys, i've came across these photos at JAK & JIL blog. Super insane i tell you. Check this out! For more, go to http://jakandjil.com/blog/

love, Luke

Get Back On Track
Guys, I hope that you people are doing your portfolio and starting to construct your costume. I thought of meeting Chuan this Thursday. But I am facing difficulties as I am using crutches to walk now. Hope that I can recover in time. If Thurs I can't what about Friday?

Hey guys, its me again. I think it's abt time we start constructing our garments asap. Make full use of this hols; getting fabrics, materials basically construct few pieces. So we could show Chuan when we meet for the next meeting ok! Time is running out...

love, Luke

Monday 1st June!
Good job team! I'm proud of what we have done so far! Mid-point presentation done, Our casting for models was a successful one too! However now here comes the tough part! We need to reschedule our timline after the mid point presentation and start constructing on our costume now! Therefore as what we discussed earlier after the casting without Li Onn who had to rush, we shall meet on Monday, 1st June at 11 a.m. We need to research about taking the accurate measurements and stuff. And PLEASE do your own research on your fabrics and stuff k. I'll ask Ling Ling again for the sewing workshop. Have an enjoyable weekend and

Love, Amin

Casting Call!

love, Luke

Photos of Laselle Fashion Show Thursday, May 7, 2009
On the 21st of May we went to Lasalle to view their fashion runway show and their graduation work. It was a good experience for us to learn how the runway show progressed. Here are some photos of the models and the costumes..
And here are some way overdue photos that we took during our meeting with our advisor, Chuan who were accompanied by Ling Ling also on the Thursday, May 7, 2009.Love, Amin

Thursday Plan !
Alrite guys, please please do your homework by finding research about fabrics and stuff. We need to find out what materials suit our costumes. And I agree with Luke we should head down to Laselle to see their fashion show because their concept is quite similar to us because they're doing a 30 minute fashion show. And I got to show to you guys the floor plan A.S.A.P
Also, the Poster for the models should be up by this week so that we can mass mail it to the school by next MONDAY. Need some help for the design for the poster. Let's Do It Guys! Focus!

Love, Amin

let's go!
Hey guys, i think we should really go watch this fashion show by Laselle. This coming thurs at 6pm. We need to print this invite below. Let's go!

love, Luke

future wicked!
Check this out!

love, Luke

URGENT! Monday Meeting!
Sorry for the miscommunication guys, but we have to meet after school on monday to discuss lots of stuff. I've got alot to update so please make it on Monday after school okay? Do you think it's better to consult Chuan for this meeting, or maybe we'll include him in our next next meeting on Thursday?

Love, Amin

Here are some pictures during the 2 FYP teams meet-up.

Sound engineers + Designers = Fashion Show


14/5, Thurs:

To Do:

love, Luke

Jaw dropping info.

Hey guys, I found this great fashion blog for the elderly!
It will really help us to go further and not to restrict
us from designing crazily and loud.
Please please please do check them out!
Awesome, it blew your mind. really really.


and also, check out this website where this designer,
Fanny Karst, who designs clothes for elderly woman!
Her recent collection, 'Old Ladies Rebellion'
made me drop my jaw!
What can I say, those cool old ladies rebelled,
and hit the runway!



Things To Do by 12th May
Thanks Luke! Alrite guys keep on sketching and do more research to justify and support ur sketches aite. As you all know we will be presenting and choosing 2 of our best sketches each and comment on them to further improve it on next Tuesday. We're right on track and let us be inspired!

Love, Amin


Hey guys, here are some of the notes that i've took down during the meeting and hope we could all work together towards it. Have a great weekend ahead!

1. Research

2. Consideration

love, Luke

Hey guys i think it's best if we could plan one of these days to visit the National Museum for this fashion exhibit that could benefit us in getting inspired for our FYP. FREE entry on 9 & 10 May. Entry, $8 on normal days up till 7 June. We'll discuss this further in this thursday's meeting.

love, Luke

Hey peeps, tot you guys would wanna know what futuristic fashion is all about. It is simply known as "AVANT GARDE" where the construction of costumes all OVER THE TOP! Though these garments seem impossible for elderly, let's think of how we could change it. For now, be aBoldmazed and get inspired!


Some Inspirations..
Yes,although the model in the runway show are not that old..
And even though the clothes they wear are not meant for elderly people..
But I just want to show this video to get all of us inspired for OUR RUNWAY SHOW!

Enjoy Your Labour Day!!


Things To Be Done By 6th MAY
Alritee guys, as said by Raihanah in the previous post, please spam, spam and spam! (haha kidding).. ask your friends to do the our online monkey survey thingy aites!

Also not forgetting we need to do a survey on the elderly also! Try going around and ask the elderly these 2 questions aite!

1)Are you still keeping up with the latest trends?

2)What do you look for when you buy clothes?
o Comfort
o Aesthetics
o Price
o Brand

And do try to find uncle/pakcik out there who still dresses up cooly even though they're in their 40s and above and ask them the reason why they do that? If possible take photos of them or even record a video if you want to !

Remember we have until NEXT WEDNESDAY, to show Chuan our sketches and also to compile all the answers from our surveys and present it to him. We can do it guys! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! =D

Love, Amin

Hey hey hey!

As you all know that we shall be conducting surveys to
help our analysis,here's the link of the survey created that you could
spam on your friends for them to do.
And make sure they do!


Spread it as much man, be it in Facebook,MSN or whatever!(:


read people reeeaaaad.
I found something upon what you should consider when creating elderly apparels!

Check it out ok.


elderly but HIP!
Gosh, u guys shd check this out! I've done my research on elderly street fashion. Despite their age they're still lookin HIP as ever! This is so gonna be the future me.


Hey guys, here are the list of 'homework' that each of you should start on like what we've discussed earlier on.

That's all for now. If I miss out anything, do state.Thank you.

Ps/ I will make this blog more appealing over the weekends ok!


Project Timeline
Hey guys, this is our first step towards our fashion journey. Here's our project timeline below.

*additional meetings may be required anytime.